Scottish Power Contact

Scottish Power has developed into a well-respected company whose power is sought after by many throughout the United Kingdom, and in particular North Wales, Scotland, and Merseyside. It has been the top provider for almost three decades now and has also acquired a share of the energy game in the United States through ownership of PPM Energy. The company has a vertically integrated layout which has held strong since the disposal of the privatized power industry in 1990.

Get The Latest Gas Meters

New electricity and gas meters can be installed free of charge for potential customers who are building a new home or residence within the market area. It is import to call the phone number before digging to insure that nothing will be disturbed and that buried utility lines can be avoided for the safety of all involved. In some cases, failure to check before digging has even resulted in utility service outages which span the entire neighborhood as well as potential fires and accompanying repair costs. It is best to be safe rather than sorry by reaching out to Scottish Power for help through the available phone number before digging.

Customer Service Governing Body

The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) has worked with the company over the past few years to insure that concerns regarding poor customer service, overdue bills and other causes for concern were addressed. An 18 million pound agreement was reach in April 2016 which should allay an concerns that new customers may have and now is a better time than ever to sign up for new service throughout the region.

Enough Power For Modern Needs

Scottish Power holds a portfolio of about 9 power stations which combine in order to provide all of the necessary needs of its customers. The fuel for these stations varies across the spectrum with wind, gas, hydro, and pumped storage all participating in the generation process so as to produce the Megawatts needed to keep customers happy. The company allows customers a host of benefits for the more than 5 million who rely on the service.

Choose The Best Tariffs For Your Needs

Tariffs can be changed by customers to insure that the best deal possible is being received. No exit fees are required to proceed with this change. There is an online Direct Debit Management tool which allows customers to create an online account and precisely specify what gets paid and how so that dealing with the electricity bill has never been easier. Finally, the YourEnergy app is another great innovation which is perfect for customers on the go who need to be able to keep a monitor on whats going on from wherever they are. Such details as the hot water temperature can be controlled with the smart thermostat so that waste is no longer a forced necessity when customers are not around to make use of the product.

Scottish Power continues to innovate and delight from its headquarters in Glasgow, Scotland.

Scottish Power’s Most Popular Features

  • Making Clean Energy
  • 12 Step Customer Engagement Plan
  • Renewable Energy
  • ScottishPower Foundation