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O2 is a name people in the United Kingdom can rarely avoid. That’s because it’s a large company that specializes in mobile phones. It’s a company that caters to personal and business customers alike. Businesses that are looking for reliable mobile service in the United Kingdom frequently depend on O2. Individuals who are searching for dependable mobile service in the nation frequently do the same exact thing. O2, in short, is a commercial Telefonica UK division. It’s a widely known digital communications firm that has a reputation for superb customer satisfaction. It has more than 25 million loyal customers, too. It’s in charge of 4G, 3G and 2G networks all over the United Kingdom. It has many retail shops in the nation. It actually has more than 450 of these shops to its name. Sponsorship, last but not least, is yet another big O2 focus. The company sponsors O2 Academy establishments, England Rugby and The O2.

Many Awards For O2 Over The Years

O2 is a company that has been given many prestigious and desirable awards throughout the years. Its customers can’t stop raving about its customer satisfaction and network service. O2 has been acknowledged by many prominent and trusted organizations. It received the uSwitch Mobile Awards’ ‘Best Network Coverage’ honour in 2016. It got the same exact award the year before that as well. People who live in the United Kingdom often can’t avoid seeing signs of O2 everywhere they go. O2 frequently makes positive appearances in the news. The company doesn’t just show up in the news, either. People frequently see signs of it on the streets, in trains and in shopping centres. There’s no arguing the simple fact that O2 is a major force in the United Kingdom and beyond.

Founded in 1985 by Mr. Carrington

John Carrington is the founder of 02. He launched the company in 1985. It was known by the name of ‘Cellnet’ at that time and has grown considerably throughout the decades. Mark Evans is O2’s current CEO (Chief Executive Officer).

O2’s Customer Service Is Ready To Serve

O2 is just like many other businesses that thrive in the modern age. It has comprehensive accounts on various social media platforms. You can call O2 contact number to learn more about O2 or by paying attention to its Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube presences. O2’s Twitter account can be a lifesaver for customers who are searching for tips and guidance. O2’s Facebook account, on the other hand, can be a joy for customers who are in the mood for a little light comic relief at the end of the day.

O2’s Most Popular Features

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