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BT is the world’s oldest communications company, and also of the leading communications services providers, serving the needs of customers across the world. The company provides broadband, fixed-line services, TV products and services, networked IT services and mobile services.

BT’s Nationwide Network

BT was the first company to develop and establish a nationwide communications network. And in the UK they are a leader in communications services, offering services and products to consumers, the public sector, and small and medium sized businesses.

They also provide wholesale products and services to companies in the communications sector in the UK and across the globe. Globally, they provide managed networked IT solutions to domestic businesses and national organizations, multinational corporations, and the local government agencies.

BT’s Impact on the Community

As one of the UK’s most popular companies, they play a huge role in the business as well as community life of all the nations and regions in UK, and in Ireland.

BT connects people and is renowned for that. It is likely that at some point your video chat or email has gone over their network, whether it was at work or at home.

Always Improving Their Network

BT wants to make their network better, and they work very hard to ensure customer satisfaction. So consumers can do whatever they need to, quicker, and benefit immensely from the Internet.

They have invested significantly in the UK, to ensure that everyone – home, business and community, enjoys faster, efficient and more reliable Internet connection.

More Connections = Better Relationships & A Better Life

BT believes that the more connected people are, whether at home or at work, the more productive and the wealthier they are. They are committed to doing this because it’s good for people and for the economy.

BT has the research to prove their point. In June 2014, they hired Just Economics to determine how much being online benefited people. The Valuing Digital Inclusion report was then created to highlight the research.

They attach great importance and value to their long and rich heritage. Their Heritage Policies explain how they work to preserve and share their national heritage.

Transforming Traditional Phone Service to Meet Modern Needs

BT is transforming from a traditional phone or telecoms service provider to a leading company in converged networked services. It is committed to helping customers get the most out of communications technology and provides tailored communications solutions that are easy to implement or use.

Look At A Companies History Before Choosing

Before deciding on a phone or communications service provider, it’s imperative to check the background of the company. There are many companies that render this type of service in the UK and around the world but it is important to do your research before making a decision. Not all communications companies are created equal, so thorough research will help you to make an informed decision. When it comes to choosing a reliable and reputable service provider in the communications industry, BT is your clear choice. So if you have questions or clarifications regarding your television, you can contact BT TV.

BT is a truly global company that provides phone services and products in around 180 countries. They have great reputation in the industry, and has an established history of rendering top notch products and services.

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