British Gas Contact

British Gas is a United Kingdom business that concentrates on home services and energy matters. It’s based in the town of Staines-upon-Thames in the United Kingdom. Staines-upon-Thames is in Surrey. British Gas accommodates the needs of roughly 12 million British residences. That’s why it’s classified by many as being the nation’s largest energy supplier. British Gas has existed in some form under many different names in the past. It’s been around in its current form since 1997. Some of the many types of products that are available through British Gas include electricity, gas and renewable energy. The company also specializes in residential appliance services, drains, plumbing, central heating and boilers.

British Gas Leadership Team

Mark Hodges is a big figure on the British Gas team. The Chief Executive is in charge of energy supply for both the United Kingdom and nearby Ireland. Hodges is a seasoned professional who truly understands the ins and outs of the energy supply world and beyond. He worked for Aviva PLC and Norwich Union in the past. He’s been with British Gas since the summer of 2015. Other skilled leaders who make up the British Gas team are field operations managing director Matthew Bateman, general counsel Justine Campbell, home managing director Sarwjit Sambhi, customer operations managing director Claire Miles and corporate affairs director Christine McGourty. These professionals all work as a team to make British Gas the strong and solid company it is. They’re all experienced, knowledgeable and ambitious people who never settle for anything that isn’t exceptional in quality.

Contact British Gas With Ease

Contacting the team at British Gas isn’t hard for customers. That’s simply because British Gas is a company that understands the strong value of world-class customer service practices. Customers can easily get in contact with numerous members of the British Gas staff. They can send emails to Leanie White. White is at the helm of regional public relations for British Gas. They can send emails to senior public relations manager Catrin Milar, too. Customer care is yet another British Gas strong suit. If a customer ever has any type of issue with electricity or gas, he doesn’t have to fret. The company has a designated customer care telephone number available to people. Customers regularly call British Gas to receive assistance and guidance with billing matters, too. A customer can call to check balance. A customer can do a lot more than just call to check balance as well. He can also speak to representatives regarding possible billing difficulties or errors. The possibilities are practically endless. British Gas has a press office that’s on hand around the clock to help customers handle all of their needs. British Gas is a company that’s known for 24-hour excellence and achievement.

British Gas is Social

The company has various British Gas contact or accounts available on famed social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Customers who wish to learn more about British Gas can easily do so with the assistance of these in-depth platforms. Facebook, Youtube and Twitter can all help people who want access to dependable British Gas news.

British Gas’s Most Popular Features

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